no room for rompers

Another dilemma, another shallow problem.  I hope I don’t give off the impression that the only difficulties I have in life involve clothes.  Not that my life is rough, but I do have other (first world) problems to deal with that  don’t center around reconciling horrible fashion trends.  Because in all honesty, my road to fashionista-dom is still a long one, I don’t think I’m quite at the point where I can criticize trendy fashion choices.

However, there is one fashionable item I just can’t get behind, and it’s the onesie.  Excuse me, I mean romper.  It looks good on some people, but it won’t look good on me.  I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that my torso and my legs are disproportionate (short torso, long legs).  I don’t hate this part of me.  As I’ve said from the get-go, I’m determined not to knock any of my physical features, because that’s petty.  I’m comfortable with how I look, even if it means I can’t wear a onesie.  I can rock a pair of heels instead.

It was a lot easier to get behind the onesie/romper hate when they weren’t so gosh darn cute.  But now there are all these lovely patterns and designs.  Seriously?  These designs can’t be made in skirt form, or a flow-y top instead?  Come on! (that was done in my best Gob Bluth voice).

(In my defense, searching for “onesie” as opposed to “romper” garners the same results: a mix of adult clothing and baby clothes.  So I think I can continue calling it a onesie and getting away with it.)

Take this one, from Urban Outfitters.  I’d never wear that, it’s took skimpy and wouldn’t fit me right.  But I’d love to wear that pattern on a skirt with a nice white shirt and sandals.  Even J Crew is jumping on the onesie train:

Cut off the bottom and wear that thing as a top!  White pants!  Cute sunglasses, it’s so Hamptons!

And finally, this one.  It already looks like a dress, why can’t it just be a dress?  I suppose the upside is that you don’t have to worry about it blowing up around your waist passing over a subway grate.  But I can’t reallllly get away with wearing “shorts” to work, and I could probably do a dress like that.

But now I’m starting to sound petty and making it all about me, so I think that’s a good place to stop.  You can bet that when I inevitably sell out and buy a onesie, I’ll post it here.  While on the subject of posting pictures, I know I haven’t actually shared anything I’ve worn recently.  I’m still waiting for my sister to send me pictures from Easter.  Beyond that, I’m not at that point where I’m 100% comfortable taking pictures of myself in front of the mirror, or asking someone else to do it.  Other blogs pull it off, but I’m just not there yet.  Soon, I promise.

cheesecake or chemise?

I haven’t purchased any clothes in the last week.  While this is (theoretically) good for my bank account, it’s not good for my closet!  Even as I took a quick perusal online today, nothing stuck out at me as being a must-have.  Am I getting pickier, or just cheaper?  Am I finding myself going to the sale section, but realizing that I don’t want another dark cardigan?  I’d rather have some bright spring clothes by now, but of course those are full price.  I could rationalize a big purchase if I haven’t bought any clothes recently, yes?

Unfortunately, my budget didn’t even fare well last week, despite the lack of shopping bags.  I didn’t have class after work last week (hello, late spring break!), so I made it my goal to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.  Night classes kill two nights a week for me, and then I usually leave a third for laundry, homework and various errands.  So all of that extra free time resulted in coffee, beer, appetizers, and cheesecake.

In addition to my post-work rendezvous, I also bought lunch three of the four days I worked last week.  My lunch generally consists of a sandwich, a sweet snack and a piece of fruit (why yes, this is the same lunch you would have found in my lunchbox in elementary school).  I’ll go out once a week, but a coworker was moving onto another job and of course, that needed a (few) last lunches.  Gosh.

Since I work in New York City, all of this coffee, beer, lunch, cheesecake and appetizers add up.  Probably to more than I would have spend on any wardrobe updates.  That’s fine, I always enjoy spending time with friends and I had a lovely week.  I’m just annoyed that my week off from spending money on clothes didn’t give me any additional money to spend this week.  I can’t justify buying a really nice outfit by saying, “well, I didn’t buy anything last week…”, because that’s a lie.  I bought delicious sweets and treats last week.

This brings me to a larger issue, more than a simple: do I spend money on clothes or going out?  I don’t necessarily have a strict budget.  I keep tabs on what I’m putting on my credit card (usually just groceries), and I make sure my identity hasn’t been stolen. But beyond that, I don’t limit myself to a certain amount of income on recreation, clothes, household items, etc.  I find that restrictive, and if I’m meeting my general goal of how much I want to put into savings, anything beyond that is spendable, right?  I think so.  I hope so.

The frugal fairy circling my mind hasn’t stopped me from looking at outfit inspiration, of course.  My current covet:

I have bright pink pants that are almost like that, but now I’m digging the red ones (too bad they’re sold out!).  I think the scarf should be easy enough to find, and I am already planning a trip to Uniqlo for some summer basics, since they do lightweight fabrics just oh so well.