clash of the claddagh

The last week has been absolute madness.  I’ve hardly had a chance to catch up on personal emails, let alone try to think up a blog post.  However, with it being St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would do something festive.

Today at work I have to give an information session to students, so I wanted to look professional while still dressing for the occasion.  Unfortunately, that meant wearing an olive green skirt to match my grey suit jacket.  Actually, I think I look pretty bangin’, but was met with dismay by my director.

What is that?  You’re Irish, I expected you in kelly green!”

Professionalism be damned, I ran out and got a kelly green top.  Just kidding, I defended my fashion choice (including that locket I loved so much for my birthday).  I’m even giving out Irish-flag-orange information packets, and I’m using a green folder to schlepp my paperwork around today.  See? I’m festive, really I am!

I’ll be wearing red for St. Joseph’s day, for the record.  Honestly, I can’t think of a more fun combination than my Irish/Italian roots.

To return to the task at hand, I had a long discussion with my aforementioned director about claddagh jewelry.  I do have a claddagh ring, but it’s gold.  I don’t wear gold very often, so that’s problem one.  Second, I’ve had it since I was very young, and I’ve been too lazy to have the ring guard removed so it will fit on a finger besides my littlest one.  It’s unfortunate, but in talking about it I realized I should invest in a nice piece of claddagh, either a ring or earrings, that I’ll actually wear.  I love being Irish, I like celtic style jewelry, and if I’m going to be revamping my wardrobe, that includes accessories!

Because I love Etsy, I took to their site to try to find something unique and timeless (the latter shouldn’t be difficult, I don’t think the claddagh will ever go out of style).  I really like the look of this necklace.  This bracelet is different, I’m not sure if it crosses the line of too funky though.  I’ll have to keep an eye out for a little while, I guess.

If anyone is interested in the history of the claddagh, check out the article on the everpresent Wikipedia for more details that you probably need to know.

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