friday five (essentials)

Wow, does anyone remember the Friday5?  I didn’t until I was coming up with a title for this post, and then I had to Google it to see if it still existed.  It does, but they haven’t put up this Friday’s questions yet, so sadly I won’t be answering them.

No, my Friday Five isn’t random questions.  It’s the five pieces that I’ve deemed essential for my new wardrobe, and they’ve jumped to the top of my list in terms of what to purchase next.  On a side note, I got a great deal on a sweater and cords from Banana Republic the other night ($30 total, I’m still amazed).  They were on clearance, so unfortunately I can’t grab pictures from their site.  But once I do a fashion show I’ll post a snapshot.

So I thought that it would be logical to pick five articles of clothing (or accessories) that I’ve deemed essential.  I have some pencil skirts, so that’s good. I could really use a new pair of black pumps, but I leave those at work anyway, so I’m not going to consider that particular essential part of my “wardrobe”.  This list is confined to my closet and my dresser.  And maybe my coat closet.

Disclaimer:  the images below aren’t necessarily the exact items I’ll be purchasing (hopefully, some day, maybe).  Just some inspiration and eye candy.

Here we go!

1. Brightly colored blazer.  I have a few suit jackets, but my closet is missing a smart, fitted blazer.  Why buy in black when bright yellow or pink can match almost as many colors?

Number 1.

2. Linen shorts.  I’m so pale, I hate shorts.  But I need to stop wearing pants all summer, especially since my room doesn’t have an air conditioner.  I think I can probably get away with shorts that aren’t teeny tiny, as long as they’re on the darker side.  Unfortunately I just don’t think I can pull off white.  I’m thinking maybe these or these (if I can ever bring myself to spend that much money on shorts).

3. Ballet Flats.  I honestly don’t have any!  I feel like flats have been a staple for a few years, and I have nothing to show for it.  My pair of bright pink flats with an obnoxious buckle are my favorite, and then I have some black patent leather ones for work.  My moccasins aren’t very “flat-y”.   I just need something simple in the ballet category, and I’m thinking these are going to be the easiest on my list to get my hands on.  Although these aren’t very basic, I upgraded them to “covet” in my book.

4. Oversized Cocktail Ring.  I don’t have a ton of rings, and the ones I do have are mostly silver.  In terms of oversized rings, I only have one from H&M, it’s brown and white.  I like it, but it isn’t crazy.  I’m looking for a little crazy to counterbalance to classiness.


Number 4.

5. A black turtleneck.  I was inspired by this photo (I want the skirt and tights too), and I realized that I don’t have a basic black turtleneck.  Yes, hers is blue-ish, but still.  I have an off-white one (hello, Uniqlo HeatTech), but no black!  What was I thinking?  It could go with so many things!  So either black or navy, or maybe dark brown.  Something dark.  It can go with my yellow blazer and everything.

I’m so ready to tackle this list, I’ll mark my progress for the three people that read this.

Hey, question! Am I missing anything?  If I expanded the list to 10 items, or did a “part two”, what else would I need?


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