a new canvas, literally

One of the first things on my list of goals in this endeavor (a probable future post), was to upgrade the caliber of stores I shop at.  Or shop online at.  Sure, Arden B is a great place to get a slutty dress for a last minute party, but when I walk in there I get deja vu from college (except replace Arden B with Wet Seal, and 3rd avenue in Manhattan with the Poughkeepsie Galleria).

I’m not in college anymore, I’m an adult.  As of yesterday, I’m 24 (wow! that’s the first time I’ve written that). Time to move on.  I’ve been giving all my loving to Banana Republic, and the Loft as of late, but I still wanted to expand my horizon.

Enter Land’s End Canvas.  I’ve never been one to shop Land’s End, it seems to stuffy and too adult for me. But Canvas seems to be targeting a slightly younger crowd.  I stumbled upon their website last week, and was drawn to the sale “rack” (of course, because I’m a cheapskate).  It seems they are getting rid of their winter layering items, which gave me a bunch of options.  My order arrived yesterday, and as I did a fashion show for one, I wasn’t disappointed.  Admittedly the clothes look better on the models, but I did try on the top with plaid pajama pants, so if I wear it with something that actually matches, I’ll be okay.

The Polo

First on my list?  A belt, as I mentioned in my previous post.   I also bought a lightweight but sturdy rugby polo, and a pleated skirt.  Good for spring, light enough for summer, but 100% layerable.  My only issue with the skirt is that it’s going to need to be ironed if I so much as sneeze near it, but I’ll just have to deal with that.  I suppose buying an iron would be a start (yes, you read that correctly, neither myself nor my three roommates have an iron).

By my saying that I’ve stumbled upon clothes I can wear every season, it’s apparent my sense of fashion hasn’t improved as of yet.  Or is it possible to wear one article of clothing in every season?  I am trying to avoid the seasonal storing and un-storing of clothes at all costs.


The Skirt

The Skirt

I’ll have to wear the pieces a few times before I give a final vote of confidence, but from trying them on I’m really happy with them.  I sound like I’m filling out a survey, but I would absolutely recommend Land’s End Canvas!  Now I’m eyeing another skirt, but I think I’ll hold off just for a while.


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