style icon: christine cagney

One of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time was to suck it up and pay the $9.99/month for Netflix. I’m notorious for not having seen just about every “classic” or “must-see” movie ever made. Many conversations with my friends inevitably go in this direction:

Friend: Oh, like in x-movie when y-happened and z-said that.

Me: Eh? I haven’t seen it.

Friend: What??? You haven’t seen x-movie?

The multiple question marks usually isn’t even an exaggeration.  So I’m trying to work my way through. Recent movies included Pulp Fiction and Dr. Strangelove. I’m also getting a real thrill out of Instant Watch, because while I don’t have cable, I enjoy watching television shows.

Cagney and Lacey (season two) is my latest procrastination device, and I find myself incredibly drawn to Christine Cagney’s fashion sense, and each time I watch I get a sudden urge to run out to the thrift store and see if I can grab some of her outfits.  Her season two outfits, anyway.  It looks like she gets a little on the frumpy side later on, but I haven’t quite gotten that far.

She’s on the left.  Look at her, with her cute sweater and skinny belt, I could get away with that, right?  In the opening credits, she’s got on this great tartan skirt and brown boots.  Perhaps I’m completely misguided in looking for style inspiration from the early 1980’s, but isn’t fashion just recycled anyway?

In honor of Christine Cagney, my next “basics hunt” will certainly include a lightweight turtleneck.  I just bought a belt, so this is going to happen.  Thanks, Sharon Gless, for playing a detective but dressing like a fashion maven.  (No comment on Tyne Daly).


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